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Dataset ID: NCT01190930-D3
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Outstanding outcomes with two low intensity regimens in children with low-risk B-ALL: a report from COG AALL0932
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D3: NCT01190930-D3 Dataset Description:
There are 2 data submissions (NCT01190930-D3, and -D4) for PMID 36966262. This dataset, NCT01190930-D3, provides the information presented in Figure 1 of consort diagram of patient enrollment, Table 1 of B-ALL Low-Risk patients and LR randomly assigned patients characteristics, and Figure 2 of Disease-free survival / Overall survival analysis. It provides information of events with sites of relapses for LR randomization arm, also information of favorable genetics of LR patients. There is one row for each patient enrolled. The data cutoff is 06/30/2019.
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