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NCI has created a centralized, controlled-access database, called the NCTN/NCORP Data Archive, for storing and sharing datasets generated from clinical trials of the National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) to make these datasets available in a timely manner, on appropriate terms and conditions, to researchers who wish to analyze the data in secondary studies to enhance the public health benefit of the original work. If imaging data are available as part of a trial, a link will be provided to The Cancer Imaging Archive, NCI's official imaging repository for NCTN Trials.

For questions about the NCTN/NCORP Data Archive, please contact NCINCTNDataArchive [at]

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Search the NCTN/NCORP Data Archive

Data requesters must sign a Data Use Agreement (DUA) before being able to download data for a given data request. A DUA is also required for initial account creation. When you request data, a DUA will automatically be generated that contains the details of your request. The DUA contains certain key points to which each data user must agree.