Search Multi-Trial Publications

This page includes search filters and a list of all data available in the Archive, which appears at the bottom of the page below the filters. The filters can be used to narrow down which data appears in the table below.

The search functionalities on this page can be used to filter and search only for data from multi-trial publications (i.e., publications that report data from more than one trial such as two risk cohorts of a classification trial [when those cohorts are registered separately in] and all meta-analyses). The data in the table below can also be selected (via the checkboxes on the left) and auto-populated into the Data Request Form, Step 1.

In Step 1, you can add additional data to your request (up to a total of 5 trials and/or publications) from either single-trial publications (i.e., publications that report data from only one trial such as most primary publications and many types of secondary publications such as updated survival) or from multi-trial publications. To specifically search through single-trial publications, navigate to the “Search Single-Trial Publications” page (also accessible via the link in the left-handed Main Menu).
Study ID NCT Trial Number Disease Type Dataset ID PubMed ID Images are available? Has a Collaborative Agreement
31728054 No No