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Trial Number: NCT00352534 (
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  • Kidney Neoplasm - Wilms Tumor
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Treatment for Very Low and Standard Risk Favorable Histology Wilms Tumor
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Datasets Linked to Trial

Title Description
NCT00352534-D3 NCT00352534-D3
This data provide primary outcome for the patients enrolled on NWTS-5 as reported in the manuscript.
NCT00352534-D2 NCT00352534-D2
There is one row for each patient enrolled. The dataset provides the information of consort flow of patient enrollment, baseline characteristics, grade of adverse events, tumor status, and primary outcome for the patients on AREN0532 as reported in the manuscript.
NCT00352534-D1 NCT00352534-D1
This dataset is associated with the manuscript titled, “Clinical Outcome and Biological Predictors of Relapse After Nephrectomy Only for Very Low-risk Wilms Tumor: A Report From Children's Oncology Group AREN0532.”